Biography of Nefertari

by Egyptian Symbols February 01, 2020

  • Nefertari stood out for his beauty and intelligence, qualities on which Ramses II set himself to make her his wife and therefore queen of Egypt.

Nefertari is considered the most beautiful woman of her time.


But she not only stood out for it, but also for her intelligence and for being the woman who fell in love with Pharaoh Ramses II. She was born in Egypt although the exact place and date are unknown. It is believed that it could have been from Ajmin or Thebes. She is also related as a descendant of the royal family of the Pharaoh Ay, from the XVIII dynasty. It is believed that Ramses II himself concealed his origin.



The first references we have of her are from the reign of Seti I. It seems that she was part of the fabulous harem that she left in inheritance to her son Ramses, who was impressed by the beauty and the charisma that Nefertari gave off.

She was the first wife of Ramses II and was always his favorite. She even elevated her to the category of goddess. When she was only 15 years old she had her first son; in the years to come she would have 6 sons, including two daughters who in the future would be the Pharaoh's wives. However, they all died before their father because of the long life he had.


It greatly influenced Pharaoh's reign. He performed great diplomatic duties and occupied relevant roles in ceremonies that were reserved for priests. One of the most outstanding facts is that his wise counsel allowed him to end the war with the Hittite empire. Tired of that confrontation, she worked hard in the peace negotiations with the Hittite people. To try to achieve it, he sent magnificent gifts to the king and his wife, with whom he made a good friendship.

Thanks to his invaluable help and the adoration he felt for her, Ramses II elevated her to the category of goddess personifying her with the goddess Mut, wife of the god Amon, and calling her Nefert-Ary Merit-En-Mut. She granted her the privilege of being Lady of the Two Lands. This allowed Nefertari to rule the country when the pharaoh was absent. His adoration became evident when he dedicated to him, together with the goddess Hathor, one of the temples of Abu Simbel. On the facade itself are carved colossal figures of Nefertari.


Nefertari died around the 26th year of the reign of Ramses II, who had a magnificent tomb built in the so-called Valley of the Queens. The honors with which she was buried and the decoration of the tomb were made as if the tomb of a goddess were.

Egyptian Symbols
Egyptian Symbols

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