Would you like to buy an Egyptian Cat Ring? Are you sensitive to Egyptian beauty or would you like a protective talisman? Discover our collection of rings to offer or to be offered.

Since ancient Egypt, men and women have proudly displayed their Ancient Egypt Rings. They convey different meanings and will gracefully decorate your hand. They were not only an indicator of social classes, but they also provided protection against different kinds of threats. The cult of the jewel extended to the deceased to facilitate his journey to the afterlife. We offer you among our wide choice of Ancient Egyptian Rings, some models typically feminine while others will be more reserved for the male. You can also choose from a selection of mixed rings. You will find superb Egyptian signet rings decorated with a seal as they were once used to seal documents, Beetle Rings, Re Rings, Atlantean Rings, etc... All you have to do is decide which Egyptian Female Ring you will succumb to according to your tastes or even your affinities.

Through these Rings of ancient Egypt, relive the elegance of that era when jewelry was omnipresent. Names such as Cleopatra or Nefertititi, to name but a few, immediately evoke refinement through their adornments. This knowledge has been passed down through the centuries to regularly appear on the podiums of the great names in fashion. We often find the inspiration of Egyptian art in architecture and decoration. Ancient Egypt has become a fashion that is never tired of and carries a fascinating past. Egyptian Man Rings are either gilded, their symbolism is then the flesh of the gods, or silvered, representing that of their bones, adorned with cut stones, or finely engraved. More generally, jewelry had a predominant place in ancient Egypt.

Millennia later, enjoy the stories that Egypt told through our Egyptian Silver Rings. The jewels are decorated with sacred hieroglyphics, symbolic representations among which we can mention:

Egyptian Beetle jewelry, this animal is associated with the solar god and represents rebirth, as on our Egyptian Beetle Ring.
jewels like the Ankh Ring, this protective talisman is a divine symbol for immortality and power for the pharaohs;
jewelry adorned with a snake, usually a female cobra also called uraeus which is a protective symbol and represents the destructive force;
Horus Eye Jewelry like Horus Eye Ring are powerful charms. They are more health-oriented;
The Atlantean Ring is probably the oldest of the esoteric jewels with many properties including protection against negative influences.
There are still a very large number of them and it is exciting to discover the whole universe related to each one. The Egyptians being polytheists, their history is rich with many gods with strange representations. Their deities are personifications born from observations they have made about the behaviour of certain animals, the laws of nature, etc...

Many Egyptian Pharaohs have succeeded each other for 3,000 years. They ruled over ancient Egypt in turn, there were 345 of them. Among them, the most famous is Tutankhamun. A real treasure was found in his grave, including many Ankh Cross Jewelry for example, or Egyptian Ankh Crosses of which 143 were found. They offer us an important indication of the jewels of the pharaohs, among them we found a large number of very well worked Pharaoh Ring, or Pharaoh Rings with many symbols to protect it against all dangers.

We can also mention the greatest and most famous queen, Cleopatra, whose charm has diverted the Roman generals from their missions. We speak of Cleopatra's mines, because during her dynasty she appropriated the emerald mines whose entrances she had hidden through temples.

Cheops to whom we owe, among other things, the construction of the Giza pyramid, the only Wonder of the World still standing and represented on some of our rings.

The finesse shown by the Egyptians in making the jewelry is incredible, for all the objects and all the different representations found in the tombs, for example. Pharaohs have absolute power, they are judges, army leaders, etc., because they are considered as living deities. On the representations as on Pharaoh's Head Ring, he wears the death mask, it is then a symbol of power for its wearer.

Find all the symbols of ancient Egypt among our selection of rings in our shop. These rings will delight all lovers of Egypt, all those who are fascinated by their worlds, their stories and their meanings. And which one are you going to be seduced by?