Egyptian painting Pyramid


Egyptian painting with printing on canvas

This Egyptian Pyramid Painting made of linen/cotton has a framed option. Composed of 5 pieces of canvas, the painting is already on wood and ready to hang. The framed sets are made with reflective edges. It is as beautiful as the one in the pyramid picture above.

  • Size 1: 20x40cmx2,20x55cmx2pcs (8x16x2, 8x22x2inch)
  • Size 2: 30x60cmx2,30x80cmx2pcs (12x24x2, 12x32x2inch)
  • Size 3: 40x70cmx2,40x100cmx2pcs (16x28inchx2,16x40inchx2)
  • Size 4: 50x90cmx2,50x120cmx2pcs (20x36inchx2,20x48inchx2)